Navigating Social Media Relationships: Parasocial to Self-Image and Everything in Between

Friday, May 31st, from 9AM-12:15PM EDT

3 CE Credits

Presented by Dr. Erika Dawkins

This workshop will cover the impact that social media has in various areas of our lived experience, including the way that we relate to the worlds around us, one another, and ourselves. We will explore social media application on mediums that allow for commenting, interacting, and resharing such as TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. The focus will be to help psychologists assist clients to understand how these interactions with social media impact the way that they interact with themselves and others. An additional focus will be to help psychologists gain a better sense of how they might appear professionally on these platforms, understanding both desired and undesired impacts of potential clients viewing them in the social media space. This will help psychologists to be intentional about their internet and social media presence. 

Workshop Objectives:

 1.             Analyze social media platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube for evidence of relational dynamics.  

2.             Identify patterns of joy, anxiety, envy, or loneliness that arise from consuming or participating in online content.  

3.             Discuss techniques to mitigate social media-induced stress, screen time management, and fostering meaningful connections online.  

4.             Utilize tools for monitoring online reputation, handling negative reviews, and responding to client inquiries to clean or create a current social media presence.