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CE Workshop - Theaters of the Mind; The Psychodynamics of Dream Process

  • May 04, 2018
  • 9:00 AM - 12:15 PM
  • Hilton Christiana, 100 Continental Dr, Newark, DE 19713
  • 20


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3 Continuing Education Credits

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About the Presenter:

Alden Josey, Ph.D., Diplomate, Jung Institut, Zürich

Dr. Josey is a graduate of the University of Illinois and of Cornell University Graduate School. He worked for 27 years as a Research Scientist in Organic Chemistry in the DuPont Company before retiring in 1985 to take up studies in Jungian Psychoanalysis at the Insitut für Analytische Psychologie in Zürich, Switzerland. He received the Diploma there in 1989 and returned to Wilmington to set up a practice of Jungian psychoanalysis that he maintained until his retirement in July, 2017. He continues to teach and lecture with a primary focus on a quest for a synthesis of the rational, objective and scientific outlook with the aesthetics of a mythopoetic symbolism as captured in the Biblical saying, “Let those with ears to hear, hear and those with eyes to see, see.”

Workshop Description:

This workshop will present a depth psychological model of the structure and functions of the human psyche that illustrates the role of the ego as a center of personal consciousness and identity, and the unconscious as a creative source of ego identity as a reservoir of human psychic experience. We will focus attention on the dynamic character of interactions between these centers of psychic activity as they manifest in well and in ill persons. Our primary interest is in the mechanisms, the endless variability and the meaning and value of the symbolic forms generated in the Dream-Making Process as it occurs in psychotherapeutic situations. As this process has evolved out of the deep past of the human species, it has maintained in constantly shifting ways a kind of "gyroscopic" function in stabilizing mental and emotional health in individuals and in collectives of humans. The dream, then, is a kind of essential "medicine" for humans in every life situation. We will examine these remarkable symbolic phenomena as "windows" on ourselves and on the patients that we see in psychotherapeutic work.

Learning Objectives

This workshop will allow you to:

1. Describe a basic theory of dream formation and its use in psychotherapy.

2. Analyze case studies in which dream work was a significant factor.

3. Enlarge the scope of your psychotherapeutic work by applying knowledge of the psyche’s symbol-making activity in dream formation.

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