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Call for Task Force Members: The Board of Educational Affairs (BEA) Task Force to Develop a Blueprint for APA Accreditation of Master’s Programs in Health Service Psychology

April 25, 2018 11:17 AM | Kelly Wetzel (Administrator)

Task Force Charge:

The task force shall be charged to outline a plan by which APA could pursue development of anaccreditation system for master’s programs in health service areas (clinical, counseling, school)of psychology. Specifically, the charge of the task force would include:

  • Developing a statement that broadly delineates the scope of accreditation for training atthe master’s level as contrasted with the current scope at the doctoral level

  • Prioritizing possible pathways for APA to establish accreditation of master’s programs inpsychology. For example, what are the advantages and disadvantages of creating an entirely new accreditation system vs. expanding the scope of APA’s current accrediting body. Included would be a review of how the accreditation body would (or would not) overlap with existing accreditation systems for individuals trained at the master’s level inhealth service areas of psychology.

  • Identifying the necessary expertise to comprise the accreditation decision making body.

    Once the task force membership is approved, work is planned to begin immediately, in anticipation of a progress report due to the APA Council of Representatives in August 2018. The task force will conduct its initial work via conference call (at minimum monthly), and electronic mail. A face to face meeting of the task force may be scheduled to occur at APA headquarters in Washington DC in 2018. Task force member expenses related to this meeting will be covered by the APA.


    APA has discussed the role of master’s training in psychology through numerous initiativesdating as far back as 70 years with no consensus. However, in August 2017 the APA Council of Representative voted that:

    “Current issues and developments have risen to the level that APA should consider options related to master’s level training and/or practice and that staff and governance should identify and explore options for APA to consider.”

    In March 2018, the Council was provided this information and voted to approve pursuingaccreditation of master’s level programs in areas where APA already accredits (clinical,counseling, school). Council directed staff and governance, in particular the Board of Educational Affairs, to take steps to develop an accreditation system.

    Proposed membership:

    BEA will appoint 8 members (including a Chair), to the Task Force from those that apply. The task force shall represent individuals with the following areas of expertise:

  • Graduate education, at the master’s and/or doctoral level, in clinical, counseling, or schoolpsychology

  • Accreditation of doctoral programs in health service psychology

  • Accreditation of master’s programs in clinical or counseling psychology

  • Approval of master’s programs in school psychology

  • Leadership role(s) specific to the professional practice of psychology

  • Academic leadership (department chair or higher) associated with a department, college, or

    school offering master’s and doctoral degrees in psychology

  • Current student in a doctoral program that obtained a terminal master’s degree in psychology

    prior to admission into a doctoral program

  • Department of Veteran’s Affairs experience in training and employment of individuals with

    psychology degrees

    Individuals with multiple areas of experience and expertise will receive precedence and are strongly encouraged to apply.

    Those interested in serving on the task force should submit:

  • A CV or resume documenting experience and knowledge related to the charge of this task force

  • A one-page (maximum) letter specifically articulating how qualifications relate to the areas of expertise outlined above and any aspects of diversity that you represent and choose to make known.

  • Matrix for the BEA Task Force to Develop a Blueprint for APA Accreditation of Master’sPrograms in Health Service Psychology (email admin@depsych.org for the Matrix Template)

    Questions and nomination materials should be sent by May 11, 2018 to:

    Jacqueline Tyson
    Associate Executive Director, Administration and Governance Education Directorate
    American Psychological Association
    750 First Street, NE
    Washington DC 20002-4242

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