DPA - Delaware Psychological Association

Calling all individuals, groups, employers and agencies that have been impacted by COVID-19! 

The Delaware Psychological Association is here to provide free outreach, emotional support, group and individual therapy sessions (up to 6 sessions), and public education.  We can offer virtual and on-site training opportunities if there is an expressed need for training and education on mental health and disaster response, coping skills, warning signs, and stress management.

To this end, we have volunteers available to provide these supportive services.  We also have several webinars planned that may be of interest to you or someone you know. If you have questions about our volunteer program, or would like to schedule an individual therapy or group therapy session, please contact us at 302-635-0311 or by email delpsychology@gmail.com..

Please note: this program is ending on October 31st, 2022. All requests for services need to be submitted by September 9th, 2022 to ensure 6 sessions are available. Thank you for your understanding.


Childhood Depression and Suicide Risk

Tuesday, October 11, 12-1PM

Presented by Dr. Gina Zanella-Sample

Our target audience is educators, parents, healthcare providers who would benefit from having resources that will support their understanding of the risk factors, protective factors and warning signs.

Register here.

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